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Just us 3 Ho's on Xmas

We've joined lovely new peeps in our new job in Dubai. Watch this space.

The move from Abu Dhabi to Dubai

Thank you for the Bday Love!

Letting go...of everything.

Wiseman says...

I miss real news

When the Universe talks smack

Out with the olds...

So we've experienced 53 degrees celsius in Abu Dhabi. Not bad.

riddle me this

Singapore, you might wanna hold on to your hat, honey! #TwoWeeks @MissCandySA @MrPivacic

so gaan dit mos

Yo, Fast Food Joints

Did you have one?

a quick study



Radio - one of my favourite things

It's more important than saving lives #TrueStory

The time is now

Going vegan...again

Hugo is joining us in the studio today. Security thinks we bought sh!t loads of office supplies. hehehehe. #OperationRetrieve

Easter Throwback

Most of us are agreeing on one thing

South Africans, we need to unite.

When hamsters die

When choices meet priorities


For the ladies of the world!

No Expat has ever escaped the Dubai Stone.


Child-free and single by choice? Let's choose a date!

Visk is coming to Abu Dabs to visit Lo-Lo and Juz

Totsiens Joostie

Please add me. Hey, let's connect. Be my friend. #EffOff

South Africa's Worst Network - TELKOM

Until Dec 2017

Happy New Year 2017