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Secret Santa

Learning Xhosa with Mondiswa. The story of Afro Ant is riviting!

We dance the freelance.

The positive side of spring allergies...

Verkoue of katools?

Listening to @CliffCentral by hook or by crook.

Fabio is adamant to find "his" sticker

A little post to the Casper Radio Show

Other people's wisdoms...

The Guerrilla strikes again...

Working late while eating low carb, sucks big time.

Behold the Streets of Cape Town

Tune in to the @CasperRadioShow

Ok, another #ThrowbackThursday, I know.


Thank you Haas!

Challenge 17 from @Writersbootcmp: If I were an animal/insect, I'd be...a mosquito. And I will bite myself.

Challenge 14 from @Writersbootcmp: My Parents

Challenge 11 from @Writersbootcmp. 1 Food, 1 Drink for the rest of your life.

Inspired by Art...

Day 4 of @Writersbootcmp. Topic: I just couldn't live without...

One of my greatest fears...

My 5 favourite words

Even if you know me well, you don't know this

Throwing back Thursday all the way to March 2009

Have I gone too far?

Sorry, but she can't act.

no rest for the wicked

okay, so my clutch slipped a little

And as usual the diet is going swimmingly.

Maya, Veeral and Babba came to visit Juz, Max and Ryan in Cape Town.

Pink eyes in adults...go figure

The #OscarTrial continues...

Mom & Juz are off to Port Elizabeth for Aunty R's big bday.

yeah yeah yeah

China Town is Amazeballs!

Would you like a jingle with that?

Hey 2014, bring on the nice clients!

a recycled cartoon for a recycled new year's resolution