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Juz is so grown up. He got a broker to come and see him.

Hello Peeps, I'm not dead. Things have just been really busy with the studies and the new job. I will be back in full swing after the weekend.

Lielie came to visit Juz & Fabio.

Healthy Living 101

Know thyself.

Long time no blog. Allow me to bring you up to speed.

Yesterday @ Seidelberg Wine Estate

Skullky came to watch the soccer last night.

Bafana won their match, and we celebrated...again.

Long Time No Blog. Blame it on the World Cup.

The FIFA World Cup. Philip, it is here.

Aromas and Aromas

Don’t panic beautiful peeps, I’m back. Sorry for the silence.

And the winner is...

The Wine Diet


Spot The Difference

Red Red Wine

Never be afraid to try something new.

Last night Juz went to visit Skullky. Juz parked in the wrong spot. Juz had to spend the night. Juz wrote a note.

Yoh Fabio!

Fear not my beautiful people, I will be back soon. Just in the middle of exams.

Death came to fetch Chubby. It's a long journey to the afterlife if you're a hamster.

Sonjeef came to visit with Baba Jack

Dinner at Ocean Basket

Thank God, we're not going anywhere.

This weekend was Ellie's Bday Picnic. Ouch!

Yesterday - the worst day of his life.

Deadlines Deadlines Deadlines

Hollow Easter Eggs - I think not.

manic manic manic. back soon. I promise.

Open on both ends.

This weekend Fabio went to visit his grandparents with Juz. Cats don't travel well.

Careen, Tee & Skullky came over for a little drink last night.

Why Fabio? Why there?

Long time no blog. Things have been manic. But I will be drunk back next week.

Elo and Juz went to the Design Indaba and saw Li Edelkoort and Martha Stewert, amongst others.

Juz & Skullky Went to Wish Juz's Mom a Happy B-Day

Do not go the Dubliner in Long Street when you're already drunk out of your skull.

Stupid Bloody Stockholm Syndrome

For those of you who celebrate: Happy V-Day...bitches.

Sleepless nights, cold sweats, death threats, suicide attempts...this competition is getting out of hand!

Anual Checkup

Stupid mosquitoes.

Saturday, Sunday, Monday

It's El's B-day today! Juz is in charge of the B-day cake.

Hair of the Dog

Juz is really struggling to get an outfit for the J&B Met.

Juz & El watched Avatar. Poor Aliens.