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Wolverine - Opening Night - Cape Town - Fans Everywhere

Some days we're just a tad more sensitive than others - It's perfectly normal.

Maybe we should've played with money...Nah, too boring.


The ticks voted for a better tomorrow. Did you? If not - SHAME ON YOU!

Sushi with friends tonight

16 000 South Africans voted from abroad. Juz decided to check up on his sister, Lielie.

Working our way through the weekend - slowly but surely.

Our Neighbour from upstairs, Marie Blom, came over with 8 bottles of Champagne. There's just so much to toast to.

Catching up with Careen

Last night the "Gini" came to visit, which led to a bit of a boozy Tuesday.

Oysters, gallons of Champagne and tons of chocolate – Easter was great, but tomorrow it’s back to the real world.

We couldn't do an Easter Egg hunt because: 1) It was a waste of valuable chow time. 2) It would involve exercise...

Off to the Champagne and Oyster Festival with Illie & Jollie today. Drinking bubbly in the sun never hurt anybody...

Good Friday

Meeting Ryan and Max @ Pancho's tonight.

Kel came over and El braaied for us last night.

It was some weekend alright.

Maybe Juz overdid it at 狗Chef Pons酒 last night - just a tad.

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