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What a year!

It is of utmost importance to pair the correct wine with the correct food.

Shopping for basics.

The Silly Season is seriously interfering with work. TGIF

Just letting December run it's course.

New Moon, new theories.

Now what do you give a tick for Xmas?

The Professional Couch Potato

Back from Franskraal.

Off to Franskraal for the weekend with Lala and Jaboubs.

Go figure.

No Blog in 4 days - I'll tell you why: Art exhibition (with booze), babysat poo-ing puppy (with booze), boat & dinner party (with booze)...

Sonjeef's eggo is preggo.

The Silly Season brings so many decisions.

Aah, The Law of Attraction.

Yep, it's been one of those weeks. Jax decided to check up on us.

Last night Skull-ky and Maximus came over for pancakes.

Juz, El & Tee went to fetch Juz’s car (Finally Fixed!) Then they had dinner with Juz’s parental units. (Definitely cut from the same cloth.)

Last night El treated Juz to some fat free ice cream. "Fat Free Ice Cream?" - I hear you ask.

Juz was having a little chat with Elo this morning about his weekend ahead.

Juz's car broke down on his way to work. Three Bergies helped. One was on a crutch - I kid you not.

It was Lala's Art Exhibition Last Night.

Juz & El painted the lounge - we mixed our own colour - very brave.

A Night on the Town - and every cent well spent.

A rolling stone gathers no moss

It was Juz's Birthday Weekend...yoh.

Corkage - gotta love it.

Juz quit WeightWatchers, so what's next?

Juz had a spot of food poisoning.

Margarita Monday: Making up for lost party time.

It was a week of all work and no play (but it will change soon)

It was the Sauvignon Blanc Wine Festival this weekend. If only we could drink faster.

After Juz had "dinner" with friends he went home.

When Juz finally returned home it was Sunday morning.

Tomorrow is a public holiday - so tonight there's no holding back.

Boozing on a Monday - Why?!?

Only one thing on the brain.

Are we looking at the same thing?

We'll need more than an apple a day.

Juz joined twitter. Let the updates begin.

How not to fill the emptiness...

Yesterday, El left to go on a 2-week road trip.

Juz decided not to attend life this Monday.

What motivates your self-discipline?

You can't take FaceBook at Face Value.

Celebrated Spring Day. Severely Hungover and Tired. Death is near.

A Toast to Spring Day in Cape Town!

Poor Pinky, her blue Monday just turned navy.

Fee is off to Africa for some Soul Searching.

Swine Flu: It was long and pricey, but I’m back.