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Our neighbours down the road have a dog.

different strokes...

It was another Sunday evening when that old familiar feeling returned...

Good Friday

a friend from work

It was after Jax read "The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People" - when the other ticks could see a slight change.

Can you hold your drink bday boy?

When a blue Monday turns navy.

Yep, it was quite week of birthday celebrations and certain sacrifices had to be made...

the beauty of regifting - happy Bday to all the Feb peeps, from the ticks.

The A-Grade Hangover: You're all alone

a friend for dinner

When mosquitos bite ticks.

It was no laughing matter when Jax got out of bed this morning.

It was the morning after a heavy night that the air needed to be cleared.

Cheap wine, it's not eathbound.

It was midday in the desert of Capri when the one sand grain said to the other sand grain:

...meanwhile at the Boys' Club...

Little Red Riding Hood