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It is Black Tuesday in South Africa today

We celebrated Fabio's Birthday with a Cat Scan (as one does).

I've been a bad blogger.

Juz's neighbour's cat formed the new habit of sleeping over.

Easter luncheons at the parentals with Jax and Careen

The untapped gold mine that is a 21st

Juz went to visit Illie & Marcus and their new baby boy, Locki.

Fabio went missing. Ronsie sent reinforcements.

Juz, Careen and Lynni went to the southern most point in Africa and had lunch at the southern most restaurant in Africa.

Juz & Careen went to Napier in the countryside to visit Lynni. She gave us the grand tour.

This year at the Design Indaba Expo

When the world is not enough you simply buy a piece of moon.


Sloshed gardening

Last week Jax moved into his new apartment. Juz went to see.

Back in Cape Town and Back to Normal

Juz and Skullky are going to Maya's wedding this weekend

New Year's Resolutions - Watch this space