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When El came home from work that day...

The weekend cycle - Why don't we learn!?

Earth Hour 28 March 2009 -- 8:30pm - 9:30pm. Juz will be taking full advantage.

It's been a bit of a boozy week, so tonight Juz will take a bath and let all the muscles relax.

Juz and El are eating at Skullky's place tonight. Juz might have to take his own "food."

Our neighbours (Tee & Kel) came over to show us Chubby's newly found independance.

El got slightly injured on her work trip.

After the fire - ash, ash, ash everywhere. Everything is covered in ash - everything is dirty, everything is gray. Cleaning is hopeless.

Cape Town on Fire!

At last, Juz, Jax & El could say goodbye to their primordial twin-tub.

It was only when El saw Juz in traffic that she realised he was a victim of the current economic climate.

Phuza Thursday! Time for the livers to burn!

and then Jax started working from home

It was time for the heat wave in Cape Town to F@%k off.

To my friend Careen: Being 82 means you know what the two most important things in life are.

It was after partying with friends for days, boozing with colleagues and one mother of a 2-day wedding that Juz had to ask himself a vital question: