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F@#*ing WeightWatchers! If you eat what you want over weekends, you have to cut corners somewhere else.

Juz was tired of being the crappest in yoga class, so Jax decided to help.


WeightWatchers: Haven't weighed in for a while - almost forgot.

Express Yoga in a 40 Degree Celsius heated room - good for some.

Tomorrow is the Planetary Solstice - the perfect time to ask the universe for your heart's desires.

not such a lekka Sunday morning after Ryan's B-Day Bash

it's all about a positive outlook

om nom nom nom

The Cape Winelands - It was at farm number 6 that the ticks decided to call it a day.

After joining the gym and WeightWatchers, Juz started living in his own little world.

Juz, Sonjeef & Careen joined WeightWatchers.

After 1 week at the gym you'd think there will be some results.

Pay Day Luncheons