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Back from Franskraal.

Off to Franskraal for the weekend with Lala and Jaboubs.

Go figure.

No Blog in 4 days - I'll tell you why: Art exhibition (with booze), babysat poo-ing puppy (with booze), boat & dinner party (with booze)...

Sonjeef's eggo is preggo.

The Silly Season brings so many decisions.

Aah, The Law of Attraction.

Yep, it's been one of those weeks. Jax decided to check up on us.

Last night Skull-ky and Maximus came over for pancakes.

Juz, El & Tee went to fetch Juz’s car (Finally Fixed!) Then they had dinner with Juz’s parental units. (Definitely cut from the same cloth.)

Last night El treated Juz to some fat free ice cream. "Fat Free Ice Cream?" - I hear you ask.

Juz was having a little chat with Elo this morning about his weekend ahead.

Juz's car broke down on his way to work. Three Bergies helped. One was on a crutch - I kid you not.

It was Lala's Art Exhibition Last Night.

Juz & El painted the lounge - we mixed our own colour - very brave.