Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Hair of the Dog


cookie monster said...

i want to have breakfast at your place


wozzel said...

me too! though i will admit Saturday morning bekkies at ol'Wozzels place tend to get a bit out of hand too from time to time.

i love the way you think Juz - my hero ;)

Paige said...

wahaha genius brilliance - g with my tea, i never ever thought of that. tomorrow is going to be AWESOME.

juz, a series of crackers this week. love it.

Sharon Day said...

Well, technically, tea is very good for you, so drink up! hee hee

Jim said...

I jusst found your blog and really enjoy it! So I gave you the Kreativ Blogger award:

My first upload on the tube. Some music to stir the soul.

Have a listen over here