Wednesday, January 6, 2010

What a festive season (om nom nom nom) and we got a cat (om nom nom nom), his name is nom nom nom.

Special thanks to Mario for naming Fabio.


wozzel said...

happy happy new year to ya Juz :)

kudos on the new kitty :) hellooo Fabio!

The Closet Fashionista said...

OH WHATEVER! silly billy! Me thinks the tick doth protest too much! But yes, I agree...if I have to be fat, I shall do my best to feed others into fatness..solid game plan Juz!

thanks for the well wishes Juz...I shall endeavour to keep up the blogging... and what a pleasure that Juztick is back...loving it!

Rambler said...

happy new year! Seems I'm in good (fatter) comapny after the holidays :)

-lisa- said...

well Fabio looks rather dashing!

My first upload on the tube. Some music to stir the soul.

Have a listen over here