Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Shopping for basics.


wozzel said...

I LOVE it, great sense of humour. Must find the man behind this, as he is obviously a smart, dashing young man with a great sense of humour and must also obviously be super sexy ;)

Juz said...

Woz, flattery like that will get you everywhere.

wozzel said...


Little Miss Lawlessness said...

are you guys going all anorexic?...all booze and no food makes Jack/Juz a hungry boy! I usually find a box of cream crackers right at the bottom of the trolley takes up minimal space ;)

Autumnforest said...

Ah, the price of necessities!

My holiday gift to blogs I follow is to tell them what I love about their blogs.

I have to say that you are my daily smile. I just love dropping by to see what's up with ya'all. The comics are just adorable--suspiciously well drawn for people who drink their breakfast (wink). I love it and please keep it coming.


Facebook really working on my alien p03$.