The Professional Couch Potato


wozzel said…
you've been speaking to my room mate haven't you. And this is about me right?

I don't think this was the profound reaction you were looking for but... : ahhh cute!!! Look at his little droopy-couch-passed-out-for-surey quick to stand to attention! At ease soldier!

Reminds me of an ex who had the EXTRAORDINARY ability to answer the phone first thing in the morning without one being able to tell that he had just woken up???!!!...Skillz boys, Juz and Mr Meat both got skillz!
Sharon Day said…
Well, it's still better pass out there than the bathtub--rude awakening when someone turns on the hot water in the morning for their wash.
youve changed your name!
so, im sure you dont really do tagging in the blog world, but have tagged you over at the book club..

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