Friday, December 4, 2009

Now what do you give a tick for Xmas?


wozzel said...

merry christmas! lol! i still want someone to design a bottle of wine with a straw through the cork.

no what i mean?

just snip and sip.

Juz said...

Fab Idea!
Or I would like to have my wine in a drip. That way I can even drink while I'm sleeping - genius!

wozzel said...

i do like the way you think!

MattX said...

I see a link with all your posts...just cant' seem to focus on what it is exactly, I'll think about it over a drink.

Verdant said...

Dankie vir die kommentaar op my webblad. Ek waardeer dit! I sense a running theme with the wine here ;). Great webcomic!


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