Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Child-free and single by choice? Let's choose a date!

This was written by the very talented Nicola Davidson. Read more about her over here.

 So I've just received the millionth Valentine's-themed email in my inbox, and it's really starting to grate my carrot. Not because I hate Valentine's Day - I don't. If you want to get your roses and chocolates on, then go for it. Not because it's a greeting card day - Hallmark has to make some money too. And not because I'm upset or sad about being single. Believe me, with the fuckshow that 2017 has been so far, my relationship status is one of the few things that I'm happy about. No, it's because yet again I'm reminded that there is not one single 'holiday' or occasion that validates my choices as an independent, partner-free, child-free person. (I know there's Women's Day, calm your tits, but my gender is not a choice.) I don't have a partner (on purpose), I don't have children (on purpose), and I'm blissfully happy with both those choices, as are many other men and women who make the same decisions. So where the fuck is our day? Wedding presents, engagement presents, bachelor/ette presents, anniversary presents, Mother's/Father's day presents, Valentine's presents - not one day or occasion that celebrates being child or partner-free. It seems you're only worth kicking up a fuss about if you hunt in packs. No love for the lone wolf. So I think this year I'm going to do something about it. This year I'm going to celebrate Independence Day! All I have to do is think of a suitable date, and I'll make sure you have details of the gift registry (Jose Cuervo, Pierre Jourdan Tranquille, and the like). And anyone else who wants to celebrate their independence similarly, you're welcome to jump on board. This is our day, dammit! It's about fricking time.


Biki Honko said...

Totally agree that the entire world seems to think you are unhappy if you are not married and don't have children.

Love the idea of a holiday, but work some more on a name...that one seems a mite used? How about Freedom day instead?

Juz said...

I like your thinking Biki!
will pass on the message to Nicola. This is her brain child.