Spot The Difference

Okay beautiful peeps, it's competition time. There are 10 differences in total. Spot them and stand a chance to win a Juztick mug. The correct answers will go into the draw. Closing date = 1 June. Draw = 2 June. Winner announced = 3 June. Click to enlarge.

Send your answers to juztick(at)gmail(dot)com. Don't leave them in the comment box. Duh!


where did you get Watermelon in Winter...nice job!

I love this...reminds me of where's Wally! ...or spot drunken Wadlo...

you should do a where's Juztic...I'd play!

Time for another Good idea ,bad idea [ I know you get this reference because I know you watched Animaniacs!]
Juz said…
I love the Animaniacs.
Wheel of morality turn turn turn. Tell as the lesson that we should learn.
time for another good idea, bad idea:

Good idea:

Stopping to smell the roses

Bad idea:

Stopping to feel the roses

Good idea:
dressing up for Halloween as a pirate

Bad idea:
Dressing up for Halloween as a pin-ata!

Good idea:
Playing the accordion at a Polka festival

Bad idea:
Playing the accordion anywhere else!

Good idea:
Playing cops and robbers in the park

Bad idea:
PLaying cops and robbers in the bank

AND MUCH MORE is cute and yacko yacks, wacko packs away the snacks, there's palony in his slacks, they're animaniacs!
Unknown said…
Awww, I love these. Hours of entertainment when I was a child.
Gail said…
I see one - seriously there are more? Just so you know, I was the Mike's Kitchen spot the difference queen champion this one time :)
Juz said…
Gail, then I expect you to enter. If no one finds all 10 differences, it will obviously go to the dude(dette) who got the most.
That goes for you to Fashionista Sista.
Son of a Thomas said…
I have 6. Are you sure there are 10.
Juz said…
Yep S.O.Thomas, 10 it is.

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