Elo and Juz went to the Design Indaba and saw Li Edelkoort and Martha Stewert, amongst others.

Li Edelkoort?
Martha Stewert?


Gail said…
BWAhahahahahaha :)
High five, awesome post!
Unknown said…
My goodness, I don't know how I could have missed yours :)

Thanks for stopping by my circus. Hope you stay awhile

I just might root around in here for a minute.
Ivo Serenthà said…
Thank you for the visit and your designs comedians that struck me.

A hug

Áine said…
High 5* from me too :) Great blog!!
Beertjie said…
ta for the visit, now I know where you are too:)

loving the tick!
Gwen said…
I've shown you some love because your creativity make me happy.

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