Wednesday, November 25, 2009

No Blog in 4 days - I'll tell you why: Art exhibition (with booze), babysat poo-ing puppy (with booze), boat & dinner party (with booze)...


wozzel said...

aaah. the busy life of ticks ;)

Little Miss Lawlessness said...

I looooooove the chick's skirt in 'dinner party' ( presumably also with booze, am I stating the obvious to say that booze is the pattern emerging in these posts?)

I do however, happen to be a big booze advocate. Booze is the perfect accessory, the sort of thing you can wear anywhere with anything.

ps. lunatics ( ticks on the moon)

Juz said...

Indeed Miss Law,
It's been a boozy four days, and I just lined up a another little party for tonight. The silly season is taking it's toll.
Yes, that's my friend Lala, she's a belly dancer. Hence the little jingle dress.
Love the Lunatics comment - I'm saving that thought.


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